Timer IC 555 and 556 Based Projects

IC 555 is most widely used general purpose timer IC. A host of application notes, magazine articles, and even kits are on the market for many different application of the IC 555. The timer ICs 555 and 556 can operate either as a monostable (one-shot) or an astable (multivibrator) circuit. The highest frequency at which astable operation is possible is 100 kHz

Application of Timer IC 555 and 556 are:

Accurate timing, sequential timing, time-delay generation, pulse generation, pulse-width modulation, pulse-position modulation, missing pulse detection and clock application of all types.

Electronics Projects Based on IC 555 and 556 posted in www.bestengineeringprojects.com


   Timer IC 555 and 556 Based Projects

 Circuit Sample

 1.  Automatic Induction Motor Startercircuit diagram of automatic induction motor stater
 2.  Automatic time Indicator for Telephonecircuit diagram of automatic time indicator for telewphone
 3.  Auto-off for Cassette Playerscircuit diagram of auto off for cassette player
 4.  Beeper Using Timer IC NE555beeper using timer ic ne555
 5.  Clap operated electronics switchclap switch circuit using 555
 6.  DC Motor Control Circuitdc motor control circuit
 7.  Dome Lamp Dimmercircit diagrm of dome lamp dimmer
 8. Door Bell Circuit Using NE555door bell circuit
 9.  Dynamic Display Ads Using LEDsdynamic display ads
 10.  Electronic Pendulum Using NE555electronic pendulum using ne555
 11.  Fiber Optic Telemetry System Using NE555circuit diagram of fiber optic telemetry system
 12.  High-Brightness LED Strobe Using NE555circuit diagram of high brightness led strobe
 13.  Mains box heat monitorcircuit diagram of mains box heat monitor
 14.  Multi-pattern Running Lightcircuit diagram of multi pattern running light
 15.  Photoelectric switch using ne555photoelectric switch using ne555
 16.  Running and Spellar Effect of Lightcircuit diagram of a novel display
 17.  Sequential Timer Circuit Using NE555sequential timer using ne555
 18. Simple Drummer Projects Using Timer 555project using 555
 19.  Simple Power Supply Resumption Alarmcircuit diagram of simple power resumption alarm
 20.  Strobe Light circuitcircuit diagram of versatile stroboscope
 21.  Telephone Ringer Circuitcircuit diagram of telephone melody ringer
 22.  Ten Channel Sequential Lightingcircuit diagram of ten channel sequential lighting
 23.  Water Level Controller Using NE555water level controller using ne555
 24. Proximity Detector Circuit Using NE555transmitter circuit for proximity detector
 25. Clap Switch Cum Touch Switchclap switch cum touch switch with timer
 26. Sound Operated Light and Alarmsound-operated-light-and-alarm
 27. LED Chaser Using NE555circuit diagram of LED chaser
 28.  Christmas Decoration Circuit With Musicchristmas decoration circuit
 29.  Grasshopper Sound Generator using 555 Timer ICgrasshopper sound generator circuit using 555 timer ic
 30. 555 Timer IC Testertimer ic 555 tester