Inductor symbols | Symbols of inductor

Symbol of the Components

Name of the Components

 shunt inductor (SLD only)

Shunt Inductor (SLD only)

 tapped inductor (fixed)

Tapped Inductor (fixed)

 variable moving-contact inductor

Variable Moving-Contact Inductor

 adjustable inductor

Adjustable Inductor

 adjustable inductor1

Adjustable Inductor

 fixed and variable tap inductor

Fixed and Variable Tap Inductor

 magnetic core inductor

Magnetic Core Inductor

 magnetic core inductor1

Magnetic Core Inductor

 magnetic-core inductor with gap in core

Magnetic-Core Inductor with

Gap in Core

 series inductor on coaxial diagram, path short-circuted

Series Inductor on Coaxial Diagram,

Path Short-Circuted

adjustable mutual inductor

adjustable mutual inductor

symbol of solenoid with mechanical linkage shown

Solenoid with mechanical linkage


symbol of relay coil

Relay coil

symbol of magnetic blowout coil 2

Magnetic blowout coil 2

symbol of magnetic blowout coil 1

Magnetic blowout coil 1