Digital Electronics Projects

By definition, digital electronics projects deals with signals that can have only one or two positive values. In this section, we deal with digital electronics projects / circuits. The essential digital functions of all digital electronics circuits are the same order of the particular circuit. An OR gate or flip-flop or a whole shift register operated in exactly the same way, whether the digital electronics circuit is implemented with emitter-coupled logic or with MOS technology. The reader looking for a particular digital electronics projects / circuit may find that it is included in under a different name. Many digital circuits have several common names and while only one name listed in the contents, the index includes all names.

The Complete List of Digital Electronics Projects posted is given below



Digital  Electronics Projects

Circuit Sample

 1.  1/86400 Hz Frequency Generatorcircuit diagram of 86400 hz freuency generator
 2.  Automatic Night Lampcircuit diagram of automatic control for sitout light
 3.  Automatic Gate Lightcircuit diagram of automatic gate light
 4.  Automatic Suction Tank Motor Controllercircuit diagram automatic suction tank motor controller
 5.  Digital Clock With Second and Alarm Time Displaycircuit diagram of digital clock with second and alarm
 6.  Digital Voltmeter (DVM) Circuit Using ICL-7107digital voltmeter circuit
 7.  Dynamic Display Using LEDsdynamic display ads
 8.  Electronic Code Lock Circuitelectronic code lock circuit
 9.  Digital Water Level Indicator Circuitwater level indicator circuit
 10.  Frequency Generator and Divider circuitcircuit diagram of freuency divider using 7490 decade counter
 11.  Hex to Binary Encodercircuit diagram of hex to binary encoder
 12.  Led Stop WatchCircuit Diagram of led stop watch
 13.  Light Controlled Digital Fan Regulatorcircuit diagram of light controlled digital fan regulator
 14.  Light operated internal door latchcontrol circuit of light operated internal door latch
 15.  Mains Supply Interruption Indicatorcircuit diagram of mains supply interruption indicator
 16.  Three Bit Flash Analogue to Digital Convertercircuit diagram of three bit flash analogue to digital converter
 17.  Ultrasonic Lamp Brightness Controllerreceiver circuit of ultrasonic lamp brightness controller
 18. DTMF Based Remote Control Systemcircuit diagram of dtmf coder
 19. 24-Hour Digital Clock and Timer Circuitcircuit diagram of digital timer with clock
 20. Voice Recording and Play-Back Using APR9600Circuit for Recording and playback with auto rewind option
 21. Pulse Generator Cum Timer Circuitpulse generator cum timer circuit
 22. 5-State Digital IC and Circuit Tester5 stage digital ic and circuit tester
23.  DIY Resetting Protector Circuit for Computercircuit diagram of resetting protector