Conductor Symbols | Symbols of Conductor

Symbol Of Components

Name of Components

coaxial cable-outer shield extends only to the left

Coaxial Cable-Outer Shield Extends

Only  to the Left

 conductor or cable end, not connected

Conductor or Cable End,

Not Connected

 conductor or cable with specially insulated end

Conductor or Cable with Specially

Insulated  End

 goubou line

Goubou Line

 grouped leads 1

Grouped Leads



 grouped leads 2

Grouped Leads

junction of conductor

Junction of Conductor

 loaded line

Loaded Line

multiple conductors where n is a number representing the number of conductors

Multiple Conductors Where n

is a Number  Representing the

Number of Conductors

 shielded 2-conductor cable or grounded shield

Shielded 2-Conductor Cable or

Grounded  Shield

 quad conductors

Quad Conductors

 shielded 5-conductor cable

Shielded 5-Conductor Cable

 shielded single conductor

Shielded Single Conductor

 shieldel single conductor

Shieldel Single Conductor

three conductors 1

Three Conductors

three conductors 2

Three conductors

twisted conductor (if more than 2, other lines will be added)

Twisted Conductor (if more than

2, other  lines will be added)

twisted conductors

Twisted Conductors

two balanced conductors with one outer conductor connection (twinax)

Two Balanced Conductors with

One Outer  Conductor

Connection (Twinax)

twisted pair conductors

Twisted Pair Conductors

two conductors 1

Two Conductors

two conductors 2

Two conductors

unbalanced stripline 2

Unbalanced Strip-line

 underground cable or line 1

Underground Cable or Line

underground cable or line 2

Underground Cable or Line

2-conductor cable

2-Conductor Cable

5-conductor cable

5-Conductor Cable

balanced stripline 1

Balanced Strip-line

balanced stripline 2

Balanced Strip-line

bus bar with connection 1

Bus Bar With Connection

coaxial cable or indicates connection to outer only to the left

Coaxial Cable or Indicates

Connection  to Outer

Only to the Left

bus bar with connection 2

Bus Bar with Connection

 interrupted grouped lead

Interrupted grouped lead

interrupted grouped lead 1

Interrupted grouped lead

grouped lead

Grouped lead