Communication Based Projects

Communication is the process of sending information from one place and receiving it in other place and receiving it in another place by using or without using connecting wires. Radio communication is done without using any wires so it is also called wireless communication. Perhaps, the most important form of communication is broadcasting. The function of communication network is to transfer signal from location A to N efficiently, reliably, and as inexpensively as possible.

How Radio Communication Works:

Radio waves are produced by rapid changing current flowing through a conductor. These radio waves spread out in space like ripples produced on the surface of a pond when a stone is drooped into the water. When these fast moving radio waves strike some other conductor placed in their path at a distance point, they produce in the second conductor weak current of the same nature as the original current produces these radio waves. Thus a communication called radio communication is established between to distant point.

Here in this section we include various types of transmitter and receiver electronic circuit generally works in radio frequency. We also include circuit used in electronic communication like circuit of modem, various signal generator etc. The completer list of communication based project is given below.

List of communication based projects

Circuit Sample

 1.  Fiber Optic Telemetry System Using NE555circuit diagram of fiber optic telemetry system
 2. Frequency Multiplier Circuitfrequency multiplier using pll 565
 3.  Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) Generator Using PLL  -565circuit diagram of frequency shift keying (fsk) generator
 4.  Low Frequency Sine-Wave Synthesizercircuit diaghram of low frequency synthesizer
 5. Medium Speed Modem Using SC11004medium speed modem and controller
 6.  Multiband CW Transmittercircuit diagram of multiband cw transmitter
 7. Phone Broadcaster Circuittelephone broadcaster
 8.  Pocket Radio Using LA4510circuit diagram of pocket radio using LA4510
 9.  Pulse Width Modulation (PLL) Generation of PWM and PPMcircuit diagram of pll generation of pwm and ppm
 10.  PWM generator and Class D Power Amplifiercircuit diagram of pwm generator and class d power amplifier
 11.  Smallest Radio Circuit Using Two Transistorscircuit diagram of match box size radio
 12.  Telephone Converter Circuitcircuit diagram of telephone converter circuit
 13. DTMF Based Remote Control Systemcircuit diagram of dtmf coder
 14. Laser Voice Transmitter CircuitRECEAVER CIRCUIT
15.  Simple Radio Transmittersimple radio transmitter
16.  Speech Communication using Laserblock diagram of speech communication using laser for one way
17.  Cell Phone Jammer Circuitcell phone jammer circuit