Sinking of the Well

The sinking of a well foundation is carried out through the following steps.Laying of Curbs - In dry ground excavate up to 50 cm in river bed and place the cutting edge at the required position. If the curb is to be laid under water and depth of water is greater than 5 m, prepare Sand Island and lay the curb. If depth of water exceeds 5 m built curb in dry ground and float it to the site. A typical sand island is shown in Fig.1 below.Construction Read more [...]

Component Parts of a Well Foundation

A section through a well foundation is shown in Fig.1. The various component of a well foundation are briefly described in the following.Well Cap - The well cap is a RCC slab of sufficient strength to transmit the forces from pier to the body of well. It is generally kept at low water level. The dimension of the well cap should be sufficient to accommodate the pier. The recommended minimum thickness is 0.75 m.Steining - It is the wall Read more [...]

Caissons | Types of Caissons | Advantage of Caissons

What is Caissons? The term caisson is derived from Latin, which means box or case. Caissons are hollow inside and usually constructed at site and sunk in place into a hard bearing stratum. Often the caissons have high construction cost and their construction is restricted to major foundation works.Caissons are used for bridge piers, abutments in rivers and lakes, docks and wharves, break water and other shore protections works, and large water Read more [...]

Construction of Pears | Mechanical Method

Drilling - When piers are constructed by drilling, they are called drilled piers. The excavation is carried out by an auger type of drill which looks like a carpenter's auger. The tools used are a drill bucket and a chopping bit. The drill bucket has an opening at the bottom with cutting edges or teeth. It is provided with a door to collect the cut soil. As the bucket is rotated and forced down the cutting edges save the earth and scoop in the bucket. Read more [...]

Construction of Piers | Manual Method

The construction of pier consists of the following operations. They include excavation, placing of the concrete and inspection after construction. The excavation is done either manually or by machines. Manual excavation is done where the site is inaccessible to machines. Manual Method The manual methods which are in common use comprise:Chicago Method Gow MethodChicago Method - Chicago  method is used exclusively in clay. In this method Read more [...]